Saturday, June 19, 2010

Magpie 19

maybe pruning is too kind a word
for this cut

one flinch
and the crucial circumcision
becomes the mutilation
of my faith

preserving salt
burns the wounds laid open
so I stare down into empty hands
with heavy shoulders
and agonize at how life came
to this

when the prickle
through numbness comes
is it the green bud
of dreams newborn
or the phantom itch of hope
amputated long ago

if the tender rain is a gift for the unjust
then wash me
come to me healer
sing over me
the song of life resurrected

cut the bonds cinched tight
and beckon me to take up the bed
of my selfishness
and run again

to the place where laughter
dances on my tongue
where frigid expectation
warms in your perfect light
and you and I are in love again

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  1. Powerful images here exploring redemption, healing, hope. Would love to unravel a few more of your ideas here.

  2. Thanks Paul. I struggle to be concise and clear at the same time. Sometimes I feel I let too much slip through the cracks, but I find myself visiting the same theme again and again.

  3. great how you lead into the cry for redemption...powerful stuff...

    glad you popped in as somehow i lost you...following again now...

  4. Wondeful, wonderful expressions! Very enjoyable indeed!

  5. 'phantom itch of hope amputated long ago'
    I absolutely loved your choice of words here!

  6. I really could feel the deep emotion and understanding suffused into each of your words...the power and poignancy of this wonderful poem has left me in awe. This is a marvellous Magpie Tale :)

  7. you just want everything to hush around you as you read the sacredness...well written Magpie

  8. Another chance must always be taken..we are the redeemer of ourselves, I think. So visceral..whew!!

  9. Spiritual pruning. Wow, this is a most powerful piece, Lisa.

  10. Powerful piece, there's no doubt about it - nicely done!

  11. oh lisa, your words convey what only a believer can realize. these are powerful words that strike at my very core as i read them...'where you and i are in love again', indeed.

  12. spiritual and powerful - well done

  13. .. agonize at how life came to this .. I have experienced that emotion. Powerful writing.

  14. I'm speechless
    Until I echo this
    you are a poet
    my friend

    ----Indeed!! Love and awe, Tonya

  15. great to see you pop in today...hope you are having a good summer!

  16. That last line, left me in awe. This is a wonderfully vivid poem, your metaphor and imagery are sublime. Wonderful magpie! :)