Friday, June 4, 2010


many times have I walked your shore
tentative steps
on unstable sand
the breeze whispering
a Siren's song
for my questioning soul
every thought woven into the rhythmic
of the compassionate undertow
blurring the line between focus
and release
the seductive descent
into lukewarm slumber
and I think
maybe today

but hot verve breathes electric
across my shoulders
as dancing eyes on flushed cheeks
look for me
and words yet unwritten
from creamy pages
summon me

your waves lap my toes
drawing the unfaithful foundation
from beneath me
and in one measured recoil
I know
not today

not today


  1. oh this is haunting...there are days the sand slips quickly beneath my toes with the tides...and this is how it feels...

  2. This is very powerful and excellently written. It is the kind of poem that remains long after the last word has been uttered, the mark of a wonderful work of art.

  3. yeah, brian's got the word: haunting. and beautifully written. unfaithful foundation while you're on the sand is simply marvelous.

  4. lisa, this is a beautiful and remarkable piece, making me want to turn the fan on ;) what an awesome gift, to craft such a scene!

  5. Thank you, Brian and Ed. I wanted to write about just how close I think the human experience brings us to insanity--you know, just letting our minds go--but how the things we love keep us grounded.

    Hi Sam! So good to hear from you, and thank you for your kind comment. I am heading over to your blog to read about yout vacation--glad you made it home safely :)

    Sheri, Thank you for comming by and for your generous comment--I just saw on my reader that you have a new post up--so I'll see you on your side soon :)

  6. That was artistically lovely. I'm intrigued by the way the light in the photo appears to make a heart in the middle of storm clouds.

  7. Thanks, Sarah. I didn't even notice the heart in the picture until you brought it up . . . interesting :)

  8. hi've been quiet for awhile...hope everything is okay??? i miss seeing your smile!

  9. you doing alright? i can only imagine that summertime has given you a great reason not to be stuck inside and on the computer! i was just thinking of you :)